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RAD USA Dance Challenge 2020

The RAD USA Dance Challenge 2020 will be held January 18 & 19 at California State University, Long Beach. The multi-level competition is open to RAD students up to the age of 19 in Grades 4 – Advanced 2. Registration for the competition is now open. Learn more ›

Silver Swans® Licensee Training

The RAD's new training and licensing initiative is an exciting business opportunity for experienced dance teachers to extend their expertise and offer adult ballet through branded Silver Swans classes.

Drawing upon the RAD's comprehensive research program centered on older dancers, this offers a great new business opportunity. Successful completion of the training entitles teachers the exclusive right (renewed annually) to deliver Silver Swans classes, along with the right to use the Silver Swans Licensee logo (above) and branded materials.

Become a Silver Swan! Look for the Silver Swans Licensee logo as a sign of quality and to ensure you get the best possible dance experience!

Find a Silver Swans® Licensee Teacher near you, using our global map.

Teaching Courses & Workshops

The US 2019 Calendar of Courses and Workshops is available on the CPD Courses and Workshops page.

RAD CPD Scheme

The RAD CPD program gives teachers the opportunity to take time out to develop their creative, teaching and business skills. The program has been designed to allow teachers flexibility and choice in fulfilling the annual CPD requirement.

Find out more about the RAD CPD scheme.