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USA Vocational Graded Syllabus Intensive

This summer, RAD USA is holding a Vocational Graded Syllabus Intensive in Long Beach, California on July 20-25, 2015. Students currently studying in the RAD syllabus will receive intensive examination syllabus classes designed to help them focus on technique and examination requirements.
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Summer Teaching Courses 2015

New Grades 4 & 5, Advanced Examination Syllabi including the new male 1 & 2, Dances, Variations and Teaching Strategies will be held in Atlanta, Georgia and Long Beach, California.
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Genée Dance Challenge

RAD USA is hosting their first ever Genée Dance Challenge in Boston, Massachusetts and San Francisco, California in January 2016. The Genée will be open to dancers who have passed Grade 4 or above.

The RAD's Director of Finance and Administration Retires After 27 Years

Photo of Richard Thom

Click here to read a farewell message from Richard Thom.