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Teaching Pointe Work

This workshop is designed as an introduction to, and also further development of, the teaching of Pointe work with special emphasis on the needs of RAD teachers and with reference to both the Foundations and the Progressions of Classical Ballet technique publications. Participants will explore the history of Pointe work. They will also be given guidance as to when is the right time for a pupil to embark on Pointe work, how to choose and prepare shoes, and various ideas and exercises for the teaching of Pointe work. There will also be development ideas for the more established pupil with the Pointe vocabulary of both the Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate syllabi covered. Participants will be encouraged to engage in open discussion and sharing of ideas and experiences.


  • To enable participants to learn more about the teaching of Pointe work with some background history of Pointe work
  • To enable participants to be more knowledgeable and confident about when and how to embark on the teaching of Pointe work
  • To make participants more aware of the development of teaching Pointe work, with more knowledge of the Pointe Vocabulary for both Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate levels
  • To involve participants in open dialogue and the sharing of ideas and experiences

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June 30 | Chicago, IL