Inside the Exam: A view from the examiner’s table (1/2 day) | RAD USA

Inside the Exam: A view from the examiner’s table (1/2 day)

This half-day workshop takes an in-depth look at the examination process in general, and at the RAD marking criteria in particular. The workshop includes practical information about the way that an examination is run, and also gives more detail about what an examiner is looking for when they watch and mark an examination. This workshop will help RAD teachers to identify key areas where they can work with their students to develop their response to RAD marking criteria, and therefore improve their students’ examination results. A question and answer session will complete the course.


  • outline the basic format of RAD examinations
  • focus on and explain specific examination criteria
  • identify ways to improve candidates’ performance in an exam scenario, based on knowledge of the RAD examination criteria
  • provide the opportunity to become more familiar with selected levels of the RAD syllabus
  • give RAD teachers the opportunity to engage in discussion regarding the examination process and examination criteria

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January 17 | Long Beach, CA

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June 28 | Bend, OR